Certifications and Achievements

Networking experience –
I have been using Microsoft products since DOS 3.1, and Windows since version 3.1 as well. I have worked on Microsoft networks (configuring, implementing, maintaining) since NT 3.5, through to (what I’m currently learning) 2012 R2. Before all that, I was playing around with AppleBASIC on the II+.

Before NT, I worked in the minicomputer environment (DEC VAX mostly), and Novell.

Languages –

  • COBOL (at the top of the list because it’s the most important, obviously!)
  • Vb Script
  • BASIC (GW, Visual)
  • C/C++
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • PowerShell
  • Pascal

* Please note – I am very rusty on most languages (and some not listed I have completely forgotten!), as I do not program regularly. I have enough knowledge of each of these to create passable simple programs, and can occasionally assist with logic problems. I use many of them on an informal or support basis only.

Since 9/11, every level of government has been tasked with being alert and ready to respond to any emergency. I have been to the following ICS/NIMS trainings:

FEMA NIMS trainings: IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-300, IS-700.a, IS-800.b
MGT-319 Mass Prophylaxis

and participated in many Statewide Medical/Health Exercises as a Communications Unit Lead. In preparation for this role, I have been certified as a “Ham” radio operator (KI6OVW). I am also a backup CAHAN County Coordinator, and have received training in WebEOC administration and customization.

Website Design –
I have designed several websites from scratch, first using simple HTML, then adding some JavaScript, followed by some CSS, and finally PHP. I currently use WordPress for most of my website design work, as it is easier to maintain for someone who does it as a side business. I do have one website that I maintain which is purely custom PHP/CSS/HTML, written entirely by me (and is about a topic I greatly enjoy researching):

Philippine Map